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I played through the demo many times- and I've noticed the movie scene changes regarding max affection- so far I've manged to get these max affection scenes for all the characters (I think) apart from John. I feel like I should be choosing the right answers, unless his are a bit odd? I really can't figure out what I'm doing wrong...  I've even answered his text at the game, too, since that's what I though I was missing the first time, but- apparently not? I really want to see the scene, so if you could help pont out where I might be going wrong that would be a huge help ^^

That aside, I love the demo! All the LIs are intriguing and cute in their own ways and the GUI is really cute! My only fault here is that for saving/loading, all the pages look the same since they're labeled 1-2-3 on every page, but it's only a minor thing and doesn't really need replacing. All the art is really good and consistent too! I can't wait to see how this develops. 

Whoops, we believe you’ve actually found a subtle bug! We can let you know when we’ve uploaded a new, fixed version so you can experience John’s max affection theater scene if you’d like. As for the save menu, there will eventually be different text titles for each scene and when you get on a character’s route, the icon will change to that character, so we hope that will help distinguish the individual save files a little better.

Thank you for playing our demo so thoroughly! We’re happy you enjoyed it.