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I bet many of you know Newgrounds, and the website is in first line and will suffer directly from the loss of Flash, because games (and movies, and art, and music) have been made and imported there since 1999. And most of these games were made using Flash.

I don't recall Tom Fulp saying they would actively save these games from being unplayable in 2020, but he and many creators on this website sure feel deeply concerned about the upcoming death of Flash as well, and the loss that would mean for the gaming community.


I don't have a direct quote, but Tom has been working with key people in the Flash scene to try and preserve everything they can! A few years back Newgrounds launched Swivel, which seamlessly converts Flash movies into formats that will be preserved. They have gone through almost every popular video on the site and converted it to offer both the old .swf format, and the newer format.

The larger issue is definitely the games though! I haven't heard any word on this lately, so I don't know the status. But the plan is come up with a solution to preserve these key pieces of internet history as well. If anyone is skilled at that sort of thing, or has any sort of contribution to make, definitely reach out to Tom!!