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It's a great gaming concept, but definitely needs some more time and development. The atmosphere is on point, but the execution of scares is missed. I kept expecting something to happen when nothing did. There should be a monster chasing the character after blood covers the door from the cat's death to prompt them to sprint to the open door at the end of the long corridor; also, the flashlight needs to be better implemented. I could not use my flashlight the entire time and be perfectly fine with seeing my environment, which is not how a flashlight should work. The demonic bunnies at the end were really cool, and I wish I had seen them more instead of just at the demo's finale. There's a lot of great stuff here though, despite the kinks, and I'm excited for the eventual full release to see how the game improved, and what really happened to the family on White Hill! As it stands for a demo, 6/10 (but I'm betting that score will go up with the game's full release).