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The game was really good, even though there weren't any choices. The characters were well written. They all had their own story and it made sense why they reacted in the ways they did.

Looking back it made a lot of sense why Ren slapped Rose. Rose was attacking Risa for staying with Ren, saying if Risa refused Ren. She can have her happy ending and that Risa is a gold digger. But if Risa's a golddigger, what is Ren. A fool, who's marrying someone for his family? 

thinking about it again maybe the reason why Ren decided to marry Rose isn't because of family traditions, maybe it's because Rose didn't understand the situation. Like in the story Rose solely blames Risa for Ren's unhappiness, despite Ren telling her that if he leaves with her someone else will have to bear the responsibilities. Rose says something like "there's more than enough money in the world and not many soulmates", this is her fatal flaw in not understanding the situation and the world properly. If there was more than enough money in the world, why would Risa need to marry for money. If she could simply earn enough money to sustain her family, would she marry someone who loves someone else? This makes sense why Ren's family didn't choose her she's too closed-minded. 

Also, the use of the word soulmates, If Rose and Ren were soulmates, Ren would have left. Something else to note is that Ren pushed away Rose's complaints about marriage, even though he knows that she likes him. He could have accepted Rose's concerns and be understanding to her side but he wasn't. I see Ren having a more realistic view of the relationship, he probably considered the risk of eloping with Rose, since who knows if they actually stay together and what would happen afterwards. 

Maybe Risa and Ren are soulmates, destined to be together. I don't believe that they would regret their decision, but make they would make peace with the fact that they won't experience love. 

I genuinely enjoyed this game even though it was more like a book. 

Thx for making this.