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Hi ! I've just finished reading your game and it is really cool, love the design and the mechanics. Makes me think of an elegant version of Don't rest your head in a way (horror game where you have to manage resources, in your case "Stress". 

However, I think the game would benefit from a "1-page summary" of the mechanics. I had a bit of difficulty at first to understand the procedure when rolling the dice (but once I understood, it looked great ! :D)

Here's an example of my notes of how I summed it up :)

Do you plan on releasing stories/scenarios with the game ? 

Again, great work ! And if you need players to playtest, don't hesitate :D


Glad you liked it! I definitely want to make a second pass on the game at some point that fleshes out some character options and adds pre-written scenarios. A one-page summary of the resolution mechanic would also be a great idea, thanks!