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:O Very detailed and well-written review. Thanks for writing and sharing it!

I noticed in your video that things were transitioning to lower levels of details (including disappearing) when relatively close to the camera. Do you still experience that with the latest version? Theoretically, that should have been fixed in version 2.2.5. So, I'd just like to be sure that it was, indeed, fixed.

There are some super secret hidden things. But, they're just more Easter eggs. There are also some world building mini-scenes somewhat hidden around the hub featuring semi-sapient mushrooms :P

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You're welcome! Yeah I noticed the disappearing bolts and whatnot too, I think I may have been playing the version prior to that update? I re-downloaded the game on the 16th of March to make sure my version was more up to date. But if there were any updates after the 16th, then I would have been playing on a slightly older version.

:O No way! I'll go look for those right now! I wonder if I'll be able to find any.

PS: You can get Nytro stuck in the homeworld by gliding from the crystal ledge (where a golden gear is) to the top of the large crystals that form the entrance to the cave haha