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I’m sad, angry and happy at the same time. You spent a lot of time writing this so I’ll try to spend some time writing this back. I’m sad and angry because a lot of what you said is painfully true. It shouldn’t be like that, but it is. The fact that you are a woman and not a man should not really matter. I think it’s awesome what you do, your games are incredible and beautiful, I read in your work a lot of this century, I think that what you are making is incredible and that it has an incredible artistic value, it express a lot of unpleasant feelings really well and it’s something that is almost never done in the industry to date. I’m happy and proud that you are keeping your identity clear, the world needs to know that there are women out there daring and exploring. I know it’s hard , but you are a pioneer and I think that in the end it will all be worth it. At least I really hope so, since you deserve it a lot. As for me I can’t do much but offering my help and showing you how much I appreciate your work. Unfortunately I don’t have much time lately, I’m still studying game design, but if I could do something to help you it would be really well spent time. (I could help mostly at programming and game design).

It’s hard because it’s an unexplored path. But it’s the right one. You are one of the most amazing person I ever saw. That regardless of what you will do in the future, what you’ve already done it’s really amazing.

Btw: hype for the next project, hope to see more of it soon