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It's a nice game so far. The puzzles were a tad easy to get through with the exception of the origami puzzle. (The vertical equal sign threw me off) That being said, I spent the last week playing through Zero Escape so that probably helped. As stated in other comments, the sound effect for picking up items could stand to be changed as it doesn't really fit the mood the rest of the game is trying to present. Also in regards to the sound, fans of 100% OJ can recognize the sound immediately :^).

I feel that the story elements in the game would be more interesting without the narration. The narration kind of hands the player the story when this kind of game could benefit from having the player piece the story together themselves rather than have it spoon fed to them. For example, the wine receipt says that Mark's dad was constantly drinking and etc. but if it was left without narration, the player is left with much more questions motivating them to play on. Who's wine is this? Is this Mark's? Did his wife leave him because of this? Is this his punishment? etc. etc. And later on the game can subtly reveal that he was abused or whatever.

Hi GhostRi, good suggestion about the sound effects, we are trying to get some funding to polish the music and sound effects. We'll probably remove all the narration and focus on the art design of the story telling clues, we hope this would make the story telling part of the game deeper and more interesting. Thank you so much for the great suggestions!