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Fig in a hand basket. The Riley pronoun switch was one I missed since originally I was going to have them start using NB pronouns only AFTER you meet them again, but I decided to change that. I must've missed that one when I edited them over. Thank you for pointing it out.

I'll look into changing the link color a bit more so it's obvious. (Color design is definitely not my forte. ^^') So it's good to know that folks are having problems with it. Since I'm already redoing the Character Creation section it's a good chance to get that adjusted so its easier.

Huh - you have a really good point. I think I'll see about adding some more variation for that convo tree. Especially since Felix did end up being less outright hostile in their branch than I originally planned (so long as he isn't provoked anyways). ^^''

And I happen to AGREE with you on the maple-bacon. The problem is Eydis had no idea HOW to bake it. She was sabotaged by a fae and Felix in an ongoing prank war. I'll make sure the option is working correctly - thank you for letting me know it's not triggering right. X_x

I really am glad you enjoyed it! :) It's definitely very much a WIP, hoping next update is a little smoother. ^^;; Thanks for giving it a shot!

Hey, I have read your recent tumblr update, and I hope things will start to get better for you now. My life is hectic as heck atm too so I can relate.

I'm very eager for the changes you're planning to make to this project and very hyped for the update when it comes! But first and foremost, take care of yourself!