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I love this! The art is really cute, and I like a lot of the gameplay mechanics too. I love how the Foggies can actually level down your monster, it makes their attacks feel all the more scary. I think the wand's controls are a bit wierd but like CFKaligula said maybe this is intentional. I loved the music and the characters. It took me a little while to see the chief guy has a beard, the portrait for when he's talking is a bit confusing. I also think that the wand control should be so that when you hold down H your character should be locked in place. I kept walking into hazards because I was still holding down the arrow key after the wand ran out. One more thing, I think the XP vanishes way too quickly. It's really frustrating to be preoccupied with combat and watch it disappear because you can't get to it, especially because it's so easy to have your creature get leveled down. I love this and would definitely buy the full version :D

Thanks ! feedback is really appreciated, I'll try to fix all of this for the full game, anyway glad you like the game in overall !