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thanks so much for the fast reply! Yea I figured it out a few hours ago and am getting underway with using this as template for my game. But do you suggest waiting? Will there be a lot of differences etc in the updated version? I’m really impressed with what I’m seeing here and think I can make something really fun from it! Thanks again, it’s much appreciated!

The new example will have a Finite State Machine, allowing you to avoid animation conflicts/have as many "check" variables in the player controls. 

It will also have more detailed explanations on Enemy AI, a basic title screen with both Gamepad and Keyboard support, a "speedrun" timer, etc.

Both of these are examples, but I intend to put big huge disclaimers all over this one pointing people to the new one once I'm done, since I would probably not recommend most of the methods I have in the old example to people.

ahhh wow that all sounds really good. Any idea on when that one will be ready? I’m really eager to get started on this game, as I’m planning to release it with an album early next year, but if you think it’s worth the wait then I might do! Or I’ll just crack on with this one and then use your new version for the sequel haha! 

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Sorry, missed this reply. I'm working on the boss logic today and I expect to have the example done this weekend if not early next week.

Finished it today! Here you go: