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Jank'N'Pon's first impression was a simple mobile game. However, the more I delved into it, the more potential I saw in this game. This really blew away my expectations.

It has an quasi-Metroidvania open world to explore. The keyboard controls are different than I had expected. While there is controller support, but I could never get it to work for some reason. Maybe my XBOne controller or USB cable is borked.

The cartoon-style graphics are cute, reminding me of Rayman Legends. I will say, however, that the sight of twerking pigs was... well... interesting. Apart from that, the soundtrack's amazing, the gameplay is as a platformer should be, and the difficulty is in a nice sweet spot.

In short, I'm super stoked to see future releases of Jank'N'Pon. This short demo, even with going after all the coins, was just enough to tease the tastebuds while not satisfying my hunger. This game's got my attention!

Wow :D Thanks!! We're glad to see you like Jank'n'Pon. Even if no new release is planned at the moment for this demo (maybe for later, who knows ?), a totally different game is on the way for may 2017...

Keep in touch! Have fun ;)