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I loved the game, it looks really good. The gameplay is very creative, I loved that you could choose which monster you use to attack and also the level up system.

The only thing that I got a bit annoyed with were the controls. Maybe it's because I played with a gamepad, but I just walked into the horny brushes sometimes. Also the movement of the Wand is a bit wonky but I think that is also kind of intentional.

The boss at the end was also pretty fun, but it took too much time. Maybe make him have less health.

Althought it's just a Demo. this feels like it has a lot of potential. There is a lot of character. I would call it a Top-Down Cave Story.

Thanks for feedback and all this positive things ! I agree with you about the controls and the boss duration I'll fix the most as possible for the full game.

And probably obvious, but I really like Cave Story so thank you for the comparison !