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Are there any suggestions as to the description of the characters or narrative that you feel could add to the game? I do find it odd that occasionally the narration comes from Dere but sometimes it's just "narrator" but from Dere's perspective still? It's a bit confusing and a little distracting.
Are there any aspects that really interest you? The plot? I'm painfully curious and I have to know what happens.
Are there any aspects that you feel detract from interest? The occasionally slow pace but it was all usually pretty short lived and back to being interesting pretty quick.
What was your impression of the demo overall? It was good, interesting, pretty well written.
Did this page present the demo well? I do believe so, I'm going through all the options still and I try to stay away from demos of any kind, as I tend to get hooked and then I can't finish but I had to try it so I would say you did something right? =D
Did you find any glitches or bugs that need to be addressed? During the dunk tank part if you choose to help Christian, after he "fails to impress" Dere both of the two options break the sprite, one shows a blank Dere sprite and the other shows the Dere sprite hiding behind Christian.
Was the writing acceptable? Were there any strange moments in flow or awkward dialogue? A few minor things that did detract from the eloquence but nothing majorly distracting. A few typos.
Were the transitions of expressions and rooms acceptable? Any strange moments? Nothing that was unintentionally strange from what I could tell, I over analyze everything so I assume it all has purpose later on in the story. There were just parts that made me wonder what might be coming up.
What was your favorite part of the demo?  Hmm I'm not sure, I liked when Lana turned green? I kinda wish she'd done it to herself on accident or something but it was still pretty funny.
Would you desire or consider helping to fund a kick-starter in relation to this game? Yes. =3
Any other comments, questions, or feedback? When? I probably won't get to keep my sanity if I don't know how it ends so please make this happen. xD