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Ah ah...yes,I forgot to say I was unhappy with the "Steam" only release back in January...

I'm not in a hurry to get the full game,I'm just sad to see an awesome project caught in a turmoil of bad news T_T

Hi Violette,

I replied to Sakura with the same text, but posting here as a direct reply to you.

My deepest, deepest apologies for my late reply. I'm very sorry for the delay in my response to your queries, as itch was supposed to be handled by LaCal (who went MIA) and I've been busy with the development of the game to check this platform.

As of now, we are releasing it on Steam to prevent the unauthorised copying/reuploading of our .exe files. This is a common problem for many PC games, and we are already up to our neck with budget problems due to LaCal's disappearance (she took a large amount of the money). Therefore, one of the safe ways for us to protect our revenue and not make a continued loss is to have players DL and play via Steam, which has their own platform for players, and honestly, makes it easier for players to track progress of their game. 

I can assure you that as the director and writer of the game, I have put 100000% effort into ensuring that the routes and the entire game is better (not just equal to) the quality of the demo that you did. With our new soundtracks and sprites made available only through our KS funding, we have added on alot more content and visuals than we originally planned for. 

A release date has finally been set today as we are seeing the near-end of our development (for Shin and Yuuya, at least) and I have also made a post in the devlog here, so I hope you can continue to put your faith and trust in us, despite the many problems, challenges and unnecessary disappointment that we have put you through.

Please feel free to email me at jyuuguchi at gmail dot com if you would like to speak further, incase I miss your replies here on again. 

Once again, I'm very sorry for my late replies and all the problems with the editions, so do give me some time to troubleshoot those!