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Love the game so far, the art is incredible and the conept is great. Just some constructive critisism:
I feel the "voice in your head" can take you out from the experience when its interupting conversations. Usually it's not a problem, but for a story driven visual novel it's worth playing around with. Still love the game and the writing is still great, just seems like it would be improved to take out the voice where it isn't neccesary. There are even times where it will pop up without it being immediately obvious who's talking. 
Don't want to come off as mean because I actually really enjoy all the other writing, and maybe it lessens later on, but its too glaring a problem not to mention. 5/5 otherwise


Thank you so much for playing the game and leaving critique! I'm glad you like the game and will try and improve next time I work on a similar projects! <3