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Really enjoyed the game! It's honestly really well optimized too (coming from a couple games that weren't it was nice to see)! The shrinking mechanic is really well done and I love that you can actually gradually see yourself shrink! I only had 2 problems and that was I thought it was a little annoying that even when I hit under 2 feet, I can't open drawers, even thought one is still eye level and the other is still shorter than me. The other problem is that even after you wind up getting too small to really do anything I just wanted to see what would happened when I became too small and lost, but I think the shrinking slowed down a lot sometime  after I was under on foot and with how fast it was going by then it looked like it would have taken forever for that to happen, so maybe the slow down either shouldn't be there and you just continue to shrink at the same rate, or I think a speed up after you can't really do anything else, like at around 8 inches left maybe, and then suddenly you start shrink to micro level and cease to exist would be a fun way to lose. Anyways, really good job on the game! Hope you enjoy my video! 

Hello there!

Thank you that you took your time to make a LetsPlay of our game and to give us much valuable feedback! (Seriously, LetsPlays are some of the best feedback sources because you can actually see first hand which kind of difficulties players are encoutnering when they first play it) 
I think one "trick" many people overlook is building bridges and stairs quite early in the game, or at least throwing and moving a lot of stuff off the shelves, so you have lots of things to climb on when you get short. We're glad you liked it :)