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Hey Master Jochen,

Absolutely not!  All the new updates are coming with the PlayStation Launch 3/20/18. There just seems to be a small problem  which is why I haven't been announcing it until it is official!

Also finishing up the steam launch for some time next week. 

Drastic bug fixes, New Bosses, New Endings, New Dungeon rooms, also an Online Multiplayer in the works.

 So much new stuff coming!

Stay tuned!,


Hey Dev I got a question for you. So I was strolling through the playstation store and saw you’re game and got 2 friends to download it with me and we loved the game but really wanted to know if there was a multiplayer mode or something along that lime coming out anytime soon?

So can you answer this question?

When will DBMB release on PS4 STORE in Europe?

Hey Kolliz,

I will get some information on the Europe Release very soon. 

Thanks for your patience,