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Really fun and relatable game! I do think there's a bug that doesn't let me load a new level when I lose the game (the play button won't work after one round, the player's camera jitters endlessly, and there's a frozen text "Bacon Butty 20%" overlaying the menu on the tv screen) - not sure if this bug appears if I win because I can't win any level (cry...) if it's useful info, I was playing on the Firefox browser! 

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Hey Hua, thanks for the bug report! I’ve called a repair mechanic to take a look at this & I’ll message you when it’s fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience! Everything should be fixed for you now, please do help yourself to a complementary G&T and bag of peanuts.

- Sheps


Thanks for the quick response! The game works smoothly now ^_^ 

Hurray! Pleased about that, thank you for your feedback uwu