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You omitted the "With your fists." part, which is kind of essential to the whole message, since it literally expresses the opposite of what you're reading into it: Talking to those people is pointless, the only correct response is to fight back.

Now, this game is both cathartic and metaphorical, so "fighting back" means as much as: Take away their platform, enforce Terms of Services and No Harassment policies, do not tolerate a climate of bigotry, etc.

"Don't feed the trolls" has long proven to be no winning strategy: Giving both space and convenience to toxic and sociopathic people won't make them go away. There is no point in debating them, but leaving their vile rhetoric and lies unquestioned will only give them and like-minded bystanders the both reassuring and wrong impression, that they are in the majority and that their behavior is socially acceptable.

If your message with this game is to report the tweet and move on with your day, then I agree.

However, a lot of the tweets in this game weren’t breaking any terms of service. I don’t see why someone saying “so much for the tolerant left” should be reported and deplatformed (even if it is a dead meme).