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I didn't catch this when it first came out, but I caught it now, and I'm glad I gave it a shot because I really liked it! You have a great atmosphere going on here and there was a lot of weirdness which is always great in a game! I'd much rather see this strange stuff than another "collect 8 items and run from the enemy" game, so kudos to you for that alone!

I had a lot of fun wandering around and getting to know the people. I saw your development log go into what you're going to change, and I just want to say I know your team is small, so don't expand the project too much! I don't think it's bad the way it is, and adding all those back stories and things could easily quadruple the game and it's much better to release a mediocre finished game than it is to release a great game that's only 50% done. Just my two cents!

Thanks so much for making it, I'll follow you for your future stuff. Cheers and hope you enjoy the Lumps Play. 🍻

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Thanks alot for the comment and video! As for the scope, yes I'm being conservative and keeping that in mind. There won't be a deep tactical SRPG battle system in this game.