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I was really looking forward to testing the early access out but when i tried changing the controls i twisted them around.

I am able of changing set keys to different keys but not functions where i want the mouse button's on, i just get the "error" sound that it doesn't work.

Since i accidentily changed the left and right mouse configurations i am stuck trying to get them back to the default.

Could you provide an option to reset the configuration to default settings? or point out where the configuration file is kept on the computer?

I looked everywhere on my computer but can't find it. I tried redownloading but the problem is specific on the computer, if I try it on a different computer with the same files the configuration doesn't move with the files. And I can't find the appropriate files in the roaming or local folders in the users settings.

So now I am stuck trying to test and play the game but can't easily use the most basic functions. I also have several thumb buttons on the mosue i use and would also like to be able to put them in the configuration for controlling functions.

Thanks in advance, keep up the good work.

Looking forward to start playing and testing it