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This was awesome and I really want it to be a full game! VERY GOOD for an alpha version. It ran super well and I didn't encounter any glitches. I liked that there was an inventory menu and collectible items along the way. The graphics style was amazing, I love pixelated horror games. The puzzles were clever, but not the hardest in the world. You literally just had to pay attention (unlike me) and you'd get them no problem. It took me a little longer to figure them out but I'm a dumb. I had to use a controller. I'm not sure if that's because I had one plugged into the PC or not, but it'd be cool to have options to use controller or kb/mouse in the future. The ambiance was that uneasy silence until you got to certain moments in the game, which really let me know when I was safe and when I was not. I guess it's just my opinion, but I like to feel scared throughout the entire game. ANYWHO, I loved it. Thanks for making this and I really hope you continue development on it!