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I know this post is old but I would as well

Thank you for your feedback, both of you ♥️♥️♥️

I've been thinking about resuming work on this game and actually changing a lot about how the hunger and everything works, I don't think it's really central to the fun co-op part. Also resuming is a couple rungs down on my priorities, I'm sorry!

I think i actually did have split keyboard implemented at one time. I think it was enabled by pressing Tab (and the icon would split into two keyboard halves). I must have removed that though! probably because of the frequency of blocked input from pressing many buttons simultaneously. I wonder if actually just plugging two keyboards in could get around that 🤔they couldn't share the same keys still, but that might be an accessibility option. I am thinking of treating two player split keyboard as an accessibility option as well.

Thank you for your extreme patience