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Thank you for your feedback, both of you ♥️♥️♥️

I've been thinking about resuming work on this game and actually changing a lot about how the hunger and everything works, I don't think it's really central to the fun co-op part. Also resuming is a couple rungs down on my priorities, I'm sorry!

I think i actually did have split keyboard implemented at one time. I think it was enabled by pressing Tab (and the icon would split into two keyboard halves). I must have removed that though! probably because of the frequency of blocked input from pressing many buttons simultaneously. I wonder if actually just plugging two keyboards in could get around that 🤔they couldn't share the same keys still, but that might be an accessibility option. I am thinking of treating two player split keyboard as an accessibility option as well.

Thank you for your extreme patience

This game has no ads or in-app purchases, it has no DRM. it has no promotion. This game is not finished. This is a shared abandoned project that could potentially get more work.
I have been feeling bad about not having time to work on this and your comments really seem to come from a place of incredible entitlement.
I do appreciate feedback like this, and I've been thinking about resuming work on this project again, but it hasn't turned out the way i wanted, or my intentions have diverged from the direction production was going. I had to cease work on this project to pursue paid work.

I'm sorry that the game was not a satisfying experience for you, and I should make a better effort to appropriately indicate level of completeness on my projects.

If you are interested in pursuing game development, I hope you check out Unity, and send me a message if your attitude changes, or if you want some help, or just talk about what you are making.

In your future comments, i hope that you stop yourself from opening with an insult. It really felt like you intended to hurt me with that criticism. Me, a developer that gave you access to my work for free. You chose to spend your time and check out a game, but I am not responsible to make sure your time investment pays off with entertainment.

Also you said you weren't able to get to the coop, so how did you evaluate and decide it was awful?

I am taking the constructive criticism that i should better mark the state of development on this project to lower or control player expectations. If you agree that is the message i should take from this, thank you for your feedback.

excuse me, this is a free game

The game is rendered at game boy resolution with the use of a render texture, then that texture is drawn scaled to the resolution of the game window, preserving aspect ratio.

I'm not sure i know what you mean by muddy; the render texture is drawn larger but with point filtering. If the filtering mode is somehow defaulting to another filtering mode, that could cause it to look muddy or blurry.

Some of the elements in the game are pixel art, and some are 3d models rendered at low resolution. Rotation and movement of 3d elements are constrained in a couple of ways, but ultimately the rasterization gives the effect of pixels dancing around in a way that's not consistent with sprite animation. If that's what you're seeing, that is consistent with my method and intentions.