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not many of the tweets were toxic, this just seems racist against german people. German is a language, don't hate them because they USED to be Nazis. They were forced to be Nazis by Hitler. anyway, you should try adding some actually toxic tweets, like transphobia accusational tweets. maybe a bit of manspreading garbage. possibly some white privilege crap from white girls.

Remember there are more than LGBTQ people playing this game.

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Hi, there! A couple of things:

  1. Many of the tweets in this game are toned down; also for legal reasons. They are supposed to give you an idea, not be actually explicit. The point of this game is to fight hate speech – not spread it.
  2. I'm German. Nothing in this game is anti-German.
  3. Germans weren't simply "forced to be Nazis by Hitler." Hitler rose to power because he enjoyed wide, popular support by a nation that was blinded by nationalism, racism and antisemitism.
  4. I'm sensing some "anti-sjw" sentiments; that's neither the point of this game nor something I would generally find worthy of support.
  5. Yes. And I hope they dislike bigotry, racism, rightwing-extremism and neo-nazism just as much as any LGBTQ member would.