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You guys work fast, I didn't expect the Linux version so soon. That said, I have some issues with it using the fullscreen mode; I can't do anything in the main menu, none of the items even highlight on mouseover and clicking doesn't do anything. Another issue is that picking lower screen resolutions just makes the menu smaller and anchored in the lower left corner. Windowed mode works as expected so this is mostly a minor inconvenience though.

Also, I ran into this funny bug, when I removed the parent nodes of my spikes the spikes themselves didn't get removed since they were apparently also connected to my head despite not even touching it.

New build targets are thanks to Unity :D

Game not working well on Linux fullscreen most probably will have to be the engine issue, as fullscreen works on other platforms pretty well. We'll add a note that game only works well in Windowed mode on Linux. We might upgrade Unity version some day, stepping away from 5.6.2 to newer versions, which could potentially fix the issue.

Nice catch with the floating connections. It's a legacy thing from when all Zooids could be connected and structure ones were not necessary. This will be fixed along with Zooid visual update, where more explicit connections will be shown.