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3DNes V2 does not work with V1 3dn

Sorry :/

I had the bad idea to host stuff for a pretty popular site on my dropbox and got too much traffic. I'm currently moving everything so hopefully I get to this soon enough, although as said by geod, 3DNes V2 can't use 3DNs made with V1 so if you really want to play this you are sadly gonna have to use an earlier version of 3DSNes. Also I officially won't be updating this anymore; lack of compatibility with V1 3DNs killed all the small bit of motivation I had left.

3DNes 2.1 has apparently fixed compatibility with 1.3DNs by automatically converting them.

Oh that's cool, but 2.0 has so many new options compared to 1.3 that if I want it to have optimal quality it's gonna take a lot more work so I don't think I'm gonna continue this either way. I prefer focusing on my other projects.