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OOOooh I loved this game more than I thought I would! I don't typically consume magical girl media, but this I really loved.

My thoughts:

I was initially confused as to which was the princess and which was the knight, but that was clarified later on! Diana and Rosalia's relationship was so adorable, I hope they get together T_T 

Dog valerie is insanely adorable. :p I loved the relationship she had with her friends. All the little inset pictures to show what they were talking about (like when Sophie and Valerie were comparing their Miracle Links) really added flavor to the story.

It was great to see all the diversity of body shapes in the game! Sometimes in VNs all of the girls look super thin. It was nice to see a girl with abs (Amber) and friend shaped girls as well!!!! It really added realism to the story, odd as it may seem <3

I look forward to seeing the finished product, great job!!