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I keep hitting install, and it keeps stopping and not working :(

Hi, which operating system are you running on ?


I think the problem is now fixed. Please tell me if not. Thanks again for letting me know !

It still isn't working for some reason. It downloads fine, but when I click install, it's still stopping after about half a second.

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To play you need to extract the zip file and run the .exe file. If you don't manage to unzip the file, maybe try another unziper.
Someone told ma about a similar issue and had to use 7-zip.

Hi, I tried another file compression. I hope it will work now. Sorry again for this issue !

Hi there!  I'm on Windows 10 and trying to install the game within the launcher, and I'm having the same issue the other person was having. Sorry such a belated reply, but I've just discovered this game via an old post on PCGamer's Free Game Of The Week. Looks interesting, and hope I get to play it!  :)

Hi, sorry about this issue.
Did you try to download the game without the launcher ?
I will try to make a new build this week, I'll tell you when it will be done !
Sorry again, you can still play our browser games in the meantime ...

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I did try to download it without the launcher. When I do, and unzip it then click the exe, it claims that windows can't access the file, and that I may not have appropriate permissions. However, I'm on the admin account. Then my anti virus (BitDefender) flagged it as potentially malicious and removed the file to Quarantine. I removed it back to the original folder, and was able to run it then. However, it was full-screen with no option to exit or play it windowed. The dot dot dot (...) did nothing when I clicked on it. I could only move within the dungeon. So I hit escape, and it closed the program. I imagine the antivirus may be something po6llnu was also dealing with as maybe that's why we couldn't run it from within's client?  Thanks for your help!  Edited to note that it still doesn't work within client, so maybe that's not why.

I'm glad you managed to open the game :)

I think the game worked well when you played it. There is indeed no windowed mode as well as exit button (sorry about that), and at the start you can only move around the corridors until you find things and use your mouse. (the dot dot dot button as a very small effect, you may discover it later)

Thanks a lot for the feedback, it is really helpful !

Ah, okay, thanks for the reply!  :)