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Hey, I just finished the demo and it's really nice! Here's a run-down on my thoughts as a fellow indie programmer...


Well, the story about a moe girl virus isn't really new but you made it look interesting by introducing the SoftWar and seems like a good anime plot. And also integrating the history of the Iloveyou virus was a nice touch (since it came from a computer school in Philippines in the 2000s).


I love your character, especially ILY! She's so cute! I love how the characters were drawn and animated (as a fellow indie programmer, you did an awesome job!). Though just one thing though, isn't Lisa at least be a bit weirded about ILY affecting John's computer? I dunno, maybe it's just me. I also love the design for the Trojan virus and the USBs. It's so cute!


The introduction of card battles was cool. It feels like I'm playing Yu-gi-oh or any TCGs and also I love the visual and spoken puns (I'm a punm@ster). Though there was just this one time when the dialogue box overlayed with the cards and clicked on it to make it disappear only to click the card behind it. It's just a minor graphical slip but I guess it doesn't harm that much.

Voice Acting:

I love the voice acting, though it startle me at times when it plays since it plays unpredictably (especially if I'm on headphones) but nevertheless, the voice acting was great! It's comparable to a full fledged commercial visual novel.


There's just one thing you need to do as a programmer, you have to encrypt your game files since it will be vulnerable to plagiarism. I stumbled upon the assets of your game (the script and some in-game files) but don't worry about that. I made that mistake as well, as well as Dan Salvato so I guess it's not to late to encrypt it before someone else takes your idea. Just a friendly advice from an co-indie gamedev.


You still have a lot of things to do and I'm looking forward to it! Also the fact that you're Filipino and creates indie games like me. I'm looking forward to the full version! This looks so promising and good game material!

More power to SoftWar!!!

thank you very much for your response! We're definitely making improvements to make the full release as fulfilling as it can be!

We're actually digging the idea to make a manga out of this, too.

Maybe in the future :) thanks for your interest in SoftWar!

I'll wait for the manga in our local bookstore or through the country's Comiket hahaha...

Heyyy Who are you again? let's be friends! 

Thanks a lot for the support!

Just a friend of a friend who happens to make video games as well

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