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Quite an interesting game to play. However, at first, we are completely confused about the controls as it's nowhere mentioned, this took a few try to guess the exact controls this game is based on. Next, the difficulty seems to be way too high from the beginning itself which ruins up the mood to play this game, even more, you can actually try to fix that and progress that game difficulty slowly. Adding a few sound effects and some camera shake with vibration (if more mobile) would be a great addition to games like this. 


I apologize for the confusion with the controls, however I did make a tutorial screen explaining the controls that you can get to by clicking on the light bulb in the title screen. Altgough perhaps I should've made the button bigger so its more noticeable. I appreciate all the feedback you've given me and will take it into consideration when further developing the game.

Sounds great! These are basic fixes, we are pretty sure the next game would be awesome.