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All depends on what my subscribers want me to focus on. I would like to eventually add some of the following:

-Percy with the girls (foreplay and teasing type events similar to the shared bath scene in v4)

-Percy sharing the girls with Ram or Abigail (leading to endings where Percy's not oblivious)

-Percy with the futa troll girl (new minor character with some content already planned for v5)

-Crossdressing Percy with Ram in an NTR reversal scenario (I wanted this since the first version, but I'll see how my subscribers feel. It might be something extensive or it might just be a hidden joke ending sort of thing)


So no sex scenes outside of sharing and the only girl he can actually be with is a futa? You really are the worst


Yep, that's what's in the plans. NTR haters would never even open the game regardless of how much non-NTR content there is, so I don't see much of a reason to have much of it at all.