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this game is really fun, but i would love to see a campain or something to do other then seeing how far you can get before you board, ive made it well over 60s, solo. i havn't once played multplayer yet, no severs don't know any. i would like to see some missions in this game. some challenges such as get to wave 30 using only stone fireing turrits or other stuff like this, i would like to see more maps, most of them right now are ok to boarding at best, and vs mode were you have to build you base and send units to attack, to were you have a pick of making more army or denfence to them. were you can only build some of both but it uses your income on ether. this game can go in meny good ways.

check the 4.0 plans trello page: Trello Page

i well look at it when i can.

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Good ideas they seem fun:)

yes i know. i have a few other ideas but nothing that great.