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Is credit like that allow ? With a link when clicking on your name that link to your profile.

Thanks a lot for your hardwork that you release free for us, little indie dev where tiles isn't our best skill haha :) Seeing you still active even if it's been 8months since you released it make it even more enjoyable!

Would really love to see more tiles of this project like more mobs / platforms / Enviroment / or anything that can add contents <3

(Sorry if my english is not that good, im French haha)
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Sure, whatever works; this one is actually super nice, hearts and stuff :D thanks!

OMG it's 8 months already! I'm glad it helps someone; when I released that I was a bit afraid that no-one would care and seeing so many people actually made use of my work is truly uplifting (thanks again!).

I cannot promise any more content right now. When I finally find some time it'll probably be an extensions to the dungeon tileset first or maybe something entirely new, so please don't wait for an update for this one, sorry :(

That being said I encourage you to give it a try and draw whatever you need on your own. I know it's probably not as much fun for you as programming but who knows? Maybe you'd like it. 16x16 pixel art is very approachable. Small tip: draw robots - they are relatively easy to animate :)

Is there any place I can check out your game?

(Your English is great, you need not to be sorry about that)

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I would still look into your new project then, you have such a talent that I don't want to miss stuff you create haha :)

Im only good at drawing homes like a 5y old kids, and im not creative enough to have ideas to be honest haha

Well Im still working hard everydays on it, Im still developing the GameDesign with all main feature of the Gameplay, mainly the one you did in your gif that show your work, I added a "Inspired by.... used with permission.", I can still share you a short preview of the work i've done so far (sorry for the debug text top left)

Don't judge my work on this poor gameplay please >.< Behind that, there is a database recording for each players best time on each levels, that create an online Leaderboard for like SpeedRun :) I still have lots stuff to do such as particules because I use a Drag&Drop ide, like GameMakerStudio and so particules aren't the .love project you gave, but still possible to create, Ennemies, Boss, Puzzle, but I have motivation enough with all the tileSet you gave and can't thank you enough for that!

[Update] Just tried some stuff for the particules :)