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Some parts I loved and others I didn't. You've absolutely nailed the visuals and sound design, by the end I was impressed that the game could convey important puzzle information with only six pixels. However it doesn't seem that the player is meant to fight back, and because of that I was confused as to why I got a pistol so early on. Monsters take over a magazine to kill, or the pistol is wildly inaccurate, and you only get about 3, as far as I found. Without any sort of visual health indicator, taking a number of hits in a hallway you're encouraged to explore feels a little cheap and it's hard to tell how much damage you've done onto the monsters. I'm excited to see a horror game in this style but the combat needs some fine tuning. It also appeared that the inventory was displayed partway off the screen. I know this is just a demo at this point so all I see is potential refinement.


thanks for playing! All valid criticisms that I have been thinking about and working on 🙂

Glad to hear you thought so, I'd love to take a look at some later versions when they are ready!