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There has never been a communist country, and any country you think is communist has never claimed to be communist, they are all forms of stalinism, and claimed to building socialism, no more no less ? Is your statement supposed to make me hate a premise just because some people suffered under a system you think was communism. Just because people suffered under governments who attempted to get to socialism/communism I should embrace capitalism? I can point to hundreds of people in my own community who could write stories right now who are in a living hell under capitalism. You are a fool to think capitolism's hands are not bloody, and far more bloody than any other system being proposed. And I have read stories, from people not only who suffered, but supported these governments, andi still think socialism is better than capitolism.


Since most if not all countries which attempted communism were failures, your way of doing communism would most probably fail too. I don't know in which country you live and what your experiences with capitalism are but I assume you haven't experienced socialism (socialism and communism are very similar anyway). Neither did I but my parents and grandparents experienced both and none of them want socialism back. Back in those days everyone was the same - everyone was poor (except for the government of course). Since everyone was the same everyone had to think the same way as well. If you dared to dissagree with the government's ideas you would get sent to prison or Siberia. Now that you have democracy you can advocate for your ideas freely even if those ideas like communism hurt millions of people. Now that we have capitalism we can get paid according to how much of a hard worker you are (if you studied in a university, etc). That's much more fair than being a hard worker and getting paid the same as some lazy person if you ask me. Some other negatives of the past are that people would have to wait in very long lines just to get basic neccesities like food and clothes, everyone had to steal from their jobs because of it, people didn't have any important property like land, since everyone had to be the same they tried to destroy my country's culture and make us into russians. And no I don't think that everything about capitalism is good but because of capitalism my people can finally live normal lives. Feel free to write your experiences I'll read it once I find a notification in my email. I hope this helped you to see the other side of the story

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