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There has never been a communist country, and any country you think is communist has never claimed to be communist, they are all forms of stalinism, and claimed to building socialism, no more no less ? Is your statement supposed to make me hate a premise just because some people suffered under a system you think was communism. Just because people suffered under governments who attempted to get to socialism/communism I should embrace capitalism? I can point to hundreds of people in my own community who could write stories right now who are in a living hell under capitalism. You are a fool to think capitolism's hands are not bloody, and far more bloody than any other system being proposed. And I have read stories, from people not only who suffered, but supported these governments, andi still think socialism is better than capitolism.

Wow essentially you said it in the very first sentence. You are nobody. 

People do want to work, clearly you have no understanding of human labour. People want meaningful work, not redundant mindless, drudgery that grinds you down and leaves you an empty husk. If humans/people don't want to work, then how did we even get to this stage of our development (Not a question just a rhetorical statement). Human labour is why we have progressed, it began in it's infancy, prehistory and grew because humans remain active, not only for survival but also for the drive to learn. If we do not learn we die, our brains deteriorate. Even under capitalism when people retire do they remain inactive, no, because it is boring to be inactive. They typically do something they like or have always wanted to do, if they have the means, and continue until they die,  or become to physically impaired. Your statements is ridiculous and just because an idea pops into your head doesn't mean you should say it. And just because you have the ability to say your opinion, doesn't mean it holds any weight or is logical in any way.  Sometimes it is better to say nothing and be thought dumb than say something and prove it.