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hey!! I really love your game!! I have a problem, though. Trust is at 300, management too, but I always end up getting the "Broken Promise" ending. The only choices I have with Zane near the end, are "absolutely" and "yes but not now". I don't know if I chose something wrong, but the guide only has the stats I have to raise, not the choices I have to make. Is it a bug, or am I simply doing something wrong? 
+ Ι tried not maxing trust and management and leaving them at 280 or 290 but still, not working. 
Choises were:
Do nothing (-> not stopping him from bidding for Daire on that auction)
Asking Emma when she's going to get married (though kinda irrelevant) 
Going to a cafe (on vacation) 
Spending the day with Zane (also on vacation) 
an XXX gift (somehow it was the least selfish, jewellery were for her and scarf too cheap)
Refuse to go (when she spraint her ankle)
I also kinda raised other stats too, since I had raised trust and management early and thought it a good idea to raise design and social skill)
Emma is with Erik

Hi. The affection guide tab in the guide has a list of all choices and the effect they have.

From what I'm seeing, it seems like you messed up on the choices. You can try using the affectionate trait to give you a boost or follow the guide.

The affection requirement for "Broken Promise" is actually lower than that of the better endings and I've modified the guide to reflect that.

Ohh.... well, oops.
Now I get it, and the guide seems fine now! For some reason I could only see the general guide but now it's perfect. Thank you so much for your answer, I'll go finish it. Again, let me tell you how much I love your game. There are many fascinating characters and I'm looking forward to exploring more stories of yours, when they come out.