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Sorry for not getting around to playing whilst the rating was still open. 

I like the concept, although I'd have liked to have seen the top spin on the plate for a bit longer. 
As it was, it didn't really spin much, it just sort of bounced around a bit and then stopped (I was expecting something a bit more like Battling Tops).   

The idea of having to launch it onto the plate in the first place was pretty cool, although a little tough to begin with. 

As Arvid mentioned, TextMesh Pro is great for giving you really clean text.  Another trick is to increase the font size and then scale down the text object to make it crisper. 

I didn't try it on mobile, but I really love the fact that it was an option.  I'm guessing this was the intended platform, as the play style would definitely suit it.

Congratulations on making it to the finish line and keep up the good work.