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It seems you're not on discord anymore Tursfter? We had a converstation almost a year ago but I can't find it again. Anyway, I encountered this bug and I can't seem to fix it. In Radiant it looks normal but when I import it in UE4, the textures arent aligned anymore (Still using UE 4.15.3 with the 1.7.1 version, soon we'll update to 4.19 when it's being released) Any ideas? (This doesn't happen on all faces but it starts to happen more often)

I even have one area where its starting to get curved for some reason

The 4.15 builds are pretty ancient by now, so hopefully a move to a newer one should fix this.
If not, try moving the brush in hammer and then moving it back into place where it was, or check the texturing and redo it so it looks the same but the values are different (if that makes sense)