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How the enemy character system works,if this it isn't secret?

What do you mean? Like the whole spawning various BUNKYs thing, his navigation, him breaking down doors and escaping him or all of it?

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how he navigates and  escaping him.

does the BUNKY follow a path or uses navmesh?

Navmesh is used in order for AI to walk around the map. But yes, he does use a set path. In his blueprint, he selects one of four paths to take when he spawns to make it a bit unpredictable.

Did you follow a tutorial to make this system?If yes then can you give link of the tutorial?

Technically, no. But I did follow some tutorials to learn how some things work, like how the "Spawn AI From Class" node works. but they were multiple ones and I learned certain things from posting discussions about how this works or how to do this to make this happen sort of thing. What I recommend you do, is just work on your games, and once you encounter a problem, look up a video or post a discussion on the unreal engine forums.

Thanks for suggestion