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one of the best free novel game I really love how matured the protagoniast is she make me feel like she is cool, calmed and attractive due to how mature she act throughout the scene.also two interesting character and they both  are a girl ,thank God it kinda rare to see mature protagonist get to romance girl especially with doctor she make an  interesting drama route which lead my sense of curiousity to play her route.This  novel deserve more attention than it have  and it free which I really super appreciate that and respected  your novel it awesome I would love to see more of your work similar to this kind of novel mature protagonist and hot yuri thing are awesome would definitely buy it .the protagonist keeping me excited to  want to go home quick and play this novel when I was at school sincr she is very cool and attractive just cant wait for her to get with doctor to become cute really good novel would love to see more of this kind of novel for real and thankyoh for making this novel


Thank you very much! We're glad that you enjoyed the game so much. We certainly try to make a balanced number of games with more mature protagonists (and also yuri, since that's our fave, haha). We have another yuri-only title coming out very soon, and with some luck, we may even release another yuri-only title a few months down the line, although it's probably a bit different from our usual stuff.

I'm looking forward to it and it okay to change thing up a bit to make it interesting and improving thankyou for your feedback looking to play another of your awesome novel game