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How  do I play this new DEMO?
Can't figure out the super jump, it only happens accidentally.
Also, I wish I could redefine the \, ], and [ keys.
All I do on the demo is go to the right,
try to roll under the snow bank,
I don't make it and die.

The demo version before this update didn't do this,
I at least got to another room at the far right.
Is this new DEMO working correctly?

I really want to buy the game but need to have these issues explained first,
I don't want to buy it and have all these apparent glitches still there.
I love how the game looks and feels though!!!

Hi! Thanks for the report, this is definitely not intended - something seems to have gone wrong in the process of building the demo of the newest update. I'm investigating now, and will update again shortly!

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Awesome! I assume the full version is okay, correct?
Really love the game man, great job! I also love ADVENTURES.
Are you planing on making a full version of ADVENTURES?
It's hard as Hell but I keep going back for more punishment,
each time getting a bit further. 8)

P.S. - Just played the new DEMO you fixed, it's working great and I got farther than
ever before! What a cool game!!! I'm going to buy the full game RIGHT NOW! 8)
P.S. II - Just bought the full game. Plan on playing it tonight. 8)
BTW - I use WINE under Linux to play.
It works great but have you ever considered doing a Linux build?