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Okay..... the Prologue certainly was the ordinary (if not cliche) otome , and I would be very disappointed if only those are all this vn could offer. But d@mn, I was so wrong when I encountered the Post-Prologue. 

Feels betrayed for the misleading synopsis and ? I can't say "no", but then....the foreshadowing has been almost everywhere in the vn itself!  Who appears for the game icon? The most talkactive character who seems still the spotlight (at least who mostly appears on those preview *pointinh to the grapichs in this page*)? the two similar design for Liam and Laura? and the eye-closed Lily who can't see the "dream" as the header?  Certainly not Lily-centric, those all leads to our "real" story and protagonist : Piere/Josh.  So, it's more like a surprise which leads me to laugh out loud and slaps my own self awake as I realize the fact that I actually don't have to be careful in taking the choices to have a good experience in the Prologue; because whatever I choose, the bachelors will still "love" me (an irony, tbh :'D )

In Post-Prologue, I decide to read them in this order : Ethan, Laura, Angelina, and ends with Liam (as he is my personal favorite bachelor). Each routes opens up each characters' life behind the stage of Ristorante Amore or latter called as RisAmo, and all resolving problems of them with Pierre/Josh acts as the catalyst in the group (or the probablity that he is the center of the problems at the first place). And the order of my reading never had been so true, because I notice something off when Angelina mention Liam's sexuality and Pierre/Josh comprehending the time  of his best friend came out with it.... and Liam's Friendship Ending has gotten me more emotional than the others' Friendship Ending (unrequited love for 10 years... added by seeing Josh's obliviousness to his friends - I assume - secretly all keeping adoration, if not love, to himself.... :'(( ). At least, The Help option always cheers me up :')

Overall, it is an entertaining story with a good pacing and warm nudge to real life's problem, much to the context of "working and pretending for life or living up the dream". But, I suggest to change the misleading synopsis in this page, at least adds more visible hints to the "real" narration (because some of the readers seems not taking the surprise pretty well :'D ). Or, you can excluding RisAmo from the label of sci-fi genre, for however this vn takes environment in futuristic Alternate Universe and mentions the manipulation of technology in their Earth survival; it still lacks the logical and in-depth explanation or background to the characters' everyday life interaction to the said technology like other focused sci-fi genre fiction (more explained in the comment below mine).

Anyway, hope for another beautiful future work of Cyanide Tea ^^