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The art style really stands out in its raw form, complimented by the Black and White futuristic theme. It is a feast to the eyes despite of its neat UI. Yeah, felt like watching a short film where you can project your own will into the outcome. The storyline concept is indeed a bit peculiar than the mainstream and I can say I would like the developer to continue exploring this for its potential, and it's not just because I enjoy making decisions for the characters.

Aside from its smooth characters development, I enjoyed the developer/author's paradoxical jokes in the game. Oh, it also plays a bit with emotion, and while the music does help with envisioning the game, I'd like it more if developer can add more music and sound effects suitable with the situations. Still, as this is a 48 hours challenge, this game did take me by surprise coz it is pretty good despite the circumstances.

Hoping to see more from Roomah Gaming. Good Job. :)