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The visuals are lovely, especially how the shaders look up in the attic! I also like that there are hints the game might tackle taking care of your mental health, even though interacting with the meds doesn't seem to do anything нуе.

I think that the game really needs at least an exit button: if you fall off the isle, the only thing you can do is ctrl-alt-del, which isn't ideal. A save&load function would also be nice. Maybe an autosave at the start of the day?

Adding invisible walls around the isle so that neither you nor your things can fall off would also be nice. I feel that it would be better to have a bit more space, both outside of the house and inside it - I nearly got dead stuck in a corner when I walked through the front door while a customer was at the counter.

Having an inventory where seeds, flowers and potions would go would also benefit the game greatly. Failing that, moving the mailbox to the garden area would make the gameplay much smoother.

I wish you luck with your game!