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wait so the Bridgett romance route at the end is the picture where main protagonist holding Bridgett hand running around the beach right?I w Anna make sure i get the correct Bridget romance path endijng 

Hello, Tigeratiwich

The last CG for the Friendship ending is the same one as this one here  The Bridgette romance CG ending looks different.

If you would like a specific ending and are having trouble getting it for whatever reason, I can post you a brief walkthrough, if you would like?

wow I didn' know and yes I would love to plz give me walkthrougj

can' t move on  without her romance ending I never seen them kiss during my walkthrough which is the reason why I felt suspicious on the ending that I got is not exactly what I want didn' know u need to choose the right dialogue to get that ending it would be bless if u can assist me on which dialogue to pick throughout the game 

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No problem. Here is a google doc showing the point value of decisions.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any more trouble ^_^

thank ou for your support sir I appreciate it