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It was very difficult for me to get into the game due to performance issues. I wound up playing in 400x300 resolution at Very Low quality. Even then, while the graphics were fine, there was a great amount of input lag, meaning it was hard to move around.

The biggest change I would suggest in terms of gameplay is increasing the weight on the puzzle elements. Especially with the input delay, the smallest tap could send a piece flying, possibly bumping into round elements that don't make great contact with the wires as it is. I also managed to get my cube stuck in the corner. Without being able to pick it up, it was just stuck. 

Physics-based puzzles are always really hard to get to work correctly; just keep experimenting. They can work, but it just takes a certain "feel" to make them work well. ^^

Thank you for putting up with the performance issues and getting far enough to give some good feedback. I really appreciate it. I plan on making a web build as well that has post fx stripped out to make the game more accessible and less of a hassle to download and play.


No worries! I can't imagine what could possibly cause such a tremendous performance drop though. Dynamic lighting alone shouldn't do that.

And the download is definitely not the problem. It was really easy to do. In fact, I would *expect* better performance through a download than through the web app, but then again I don't really know a lot about Unity to really comment. ^^" 

It's not so much the dynamic lighting, probably what's killing performance is the SSAO (Corner shading) and SSR (the reflections). The web version will have those stripped out since they run like garbage in WebGL no matter how fast your computer is. Web version should be up in ~15 min. Again appreciate the feedback, hopefully you'll be able to play the web version without issue.


Speaking of lighting, that reminds me to also mention that the actual puzzle-solving elements (cylinder, cube, etc.) being pitch black made them difficult to find. You'd either have to add some ambient light to the room, change the colour of them, or increase the range of the lighting on the wires so that you can see them against the mostly-dark rooms. : )

Yeah, I was leaning towards doing something about that too. I may add some sort of light to the conductive blocks themselves. I just didn't have a lot of flexibility since the entire game was modeled in unity (using probuilder). I'll look at that if I end up expanding on the idea with additional levels etc.