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Indeed, their is a lot of information and things to do with the control panels.

We wanted to put some mysteries in the prototype and after the development, we were thinking about doing a puzzle oriented game. Especially because our designer (Maka) still loves to play Myst, Time lapse or Syberia and keep harassing us to do a game inspired by these gameplay. 

Would you like it if we oriented the game more in that direction  ? (with key object like a flight manual)

It might be a case of "this isn't my kind of game" but I don't think an optional manual on how to use each terminal would hurt. Especially if it were up to the player to use it or not. I tried messing around with the panels for a bit and couldn't figure out what most were doing or how they interacted.


Thanks for the feedback.

We will focus our effort on User experience in the near future.